Should Adults Get Sealants on their Teeth?

Should Adults Get Sealants on their Teeth?

August 1, 2022

Dental sealants are the thin plastic coating applied on the chewing teeth surfaces, mainly the molars and premolars. Their application is a pain-free and easy procedure. It takes several minutes for the dentist to apply the sealants to the affected tooth. American Dental Association says that adults can also take advantage of dental sealants. Let us find out how.

How Can Dental Sealants Help Adults?

Anyone can develop cavities. Therefore, it is essential to take preventative measures as soon as possible. Even adults can get dental sealants to prevent tooth decay. It means there is no age restriction for getting the procedure.

Dental sealants keep teeth healthy regardless of the age of the individual. But if you have an implant or dental restoration already, you cannot take advantage of a dental sealant.

Not every adult is a good candidate for sealants. The dental expert does not apply them over teeth that are in any stage of tooth decay or require treatment. However, if the dental professional finds holes, grooves, or pits in your teeth, he/she will treat that first before applying dental sealants.

Also, sealants are a preventative treatment option. They do not treat dental issues such as cavities and gum diseases. Therefore, if you are an adult and have broken and decaying teeth, the tooth decay would continue to spread beneath the dental sealants. It means only an adult with healthy teeth and who has routine dental visits can get the advantage of sealants.

How Do Sealants Work?

Dental sealant material molds to the teeth grooves. It shields the tooth enamel by sealing the plaque, bacteria, and food. Human teeth consist of grooves, where bacteria, food, and plaque can get trapped. It makes the teeth more prone to decay, resulting in dental caries.

Sealants are clear and are not noticeable by others. Moreover, they stay for many years before they replicate. It is essential to consult the dentist before planning dental sealants in Mississauga, ON.

Why Should Adults Get Sealants?

If you ignore oral hygiene or have plenty of sugary drinks or foods, you are at high risk of getting cavities. The dentist installs dental sealants on adult molar teeth with a mild form of decay. It helps in preventing further cavities from developing.

The best part is that you can use it as a preventative measure even if you do not have cavities. The dentist does not put sealants on teeth that have fillings already.

How Does the Dentist Place Sealants?

Below is the procedure for getting implants:

  • Firstly, the dental professional examines and cleans the tooth surface deeply using a rotating brush and a paste.
  • Then, the dentist in Mississauga, ON washes the tooth with water and dries it completely. After that, the expert puts an acidic solution to the cracked region of the chewing tooth surface for some time. Then, the dentist washes it off. The acidic solution forms tiny microscopic areas and a rough surface so that the sealant bonds to the tooth well.
  • Now, the tooth is dried once more. The dentist puts a liquid sealant and makes it hard using light.
  • Then, when the sealant forms a robust plastic varnish coating, it helps you chew on the affected tooth again.

Benefits of Sealants for Adults

Below are the advantages of the procedure:

a) Easy Application

Sealants are easy and quick to apply. That is why many adults and kids prefer them.

b) Long Lasting

This preventative device can stay for 5 – 10 years. But chewing on hard things and bruxism can reduce its lifespan.

c) Effective and Safe

Dental sealants are safe for adults and children. As per one study sealants made of resin lower dental caries by 11 – 51% as compared to no sealant.

d) Looks and Feels Natural 

Another advantage of sealants is that they are unnoticeable. They have a thin and transparent coating that appears and feels natural.

If you are an adult and still have baby teeth, getting sealants is the best solution. They also do not have any BPA. They help you improve your smile and also make your brushing routine simpler. If you have any other questions about sealants, the dentist at Millway Dental can help.