Dental Sealants

Teaching a young child how to brush their teeth is sometimes difficult because they don’t have the coordination to clean them properly. Fortunately, our dentists at Millway Dental can help parents prevent cavities with dental sealants. This protective covering prevents food residue from sticking between crevices in teeth and breaking down to decay-causing bacteria.

What is a Dental Sealant?

Our dentists in Mississauga, ON brush a liquid plastic over the tops of molars because they do the most chewing while eating. As the liquid dries and hardens, it forms a seal over the teeth to prevent food residue and bacteria from getting in their crevices or between them and developing tooth decay.

When Can a Child Receive a Sealant?

As the first molars erupt through the gums at the back of a child’s mouth at around ages 5 or 6, they can get sealants near you to protect their teeth. Then when their second set of molars break through at ages 11 to 13 years old, those can get sealed too.

Adults can also seal their back teeth, but teeth need to be decay-free before applying a sealant. While they may not have tooth decay, a history of it can keep adults from having their teeth sealed. If decay is present when using a seal, then it can quickly spread throughout teeth and gums. Avoiding decay can prevent losing teeth and getting periodontitis.

Can Dentists Repair a Sealant?

Chewing on items that you are not supposed to have in your mouth, such as fingernails, pens, pencils, or munching on ice, can eventually wear out sealants in Mississauga, ON. Fortunately, our dentists near you can easily repair them by brushing more of the liquid sealant over any holes or rips. As it dries, which sometimes requires a curing light, the sealant hardens and keeps protecting your teeth.

Is a Sealant Safe?

Some parents have concerns about sealants because they contain bisphenol A or BPA. Ingesting this chemical can keep hormones from functioning normally. However, such small traces of the chemical are in the protective coating that they are deemed safe for children.

If you have questions about sealants for your children, consult with our dentists at Millway Dental. They can answer your questions and ensure that your child’s teeth stay in excellent condition by preventing tooth decay.

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