Teeth Whitening

Wearing a suit will help you look professional on your first day at a new job, but having dull, dingy teeth can ruin the first impressions of your colleagues.

Fortunately, our dentists at Millway Dental can help your teeth look their best with professional teeth whitening in Mississauga, ON. Here are some reasons why to get your teeth whiter with a dentist’s help.

Why Do Teeth Needing Whitening?

Although you can brush away much of the residue left from the foods and drinks you consume, they will leave stains on your teeth over time.

Foods and drinks with dark colors, tannins, and acidic will cause stains on the enamel. Our dentists near you can keep your teeth bright white with chairside whitening.

Foods and Drinks that Cause Staining

Here a few of the foods and drinks that can cause your teeth to stain.

  • Coffee
  • Dark Teas
  • Dark Sodas
  • Fruit Juices
  • Red Wines
  • Red Pasta Sauce
  • Beets

One way to reduce food and drink stains is to brush after eating or rinse your mouth with water.

Quick-Acting Whiteners

While most products on the market will gradually whiten your teeth, professional teeth whitening products act faster. Our dentists in Mississauga, ON only need one to two hours of your time to get your teeth bright white for several months. The treatment may last for up to a year.

All whiteners use the same active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide. The only difference between commercial and professional systems is the concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Most commercial products use between five to 10 percent H2O. It takes several applications before you notice them getting whiter.

Professional whiteners like dentists use can have whitening agents as high as 40 percent. Teeth whiteners with 40 percent hydrogen peroxide only need about an hour to make your teeth bright white for up to a year or longer.

If you have an important event happening in your professional or personal life, contact our dentists at Millway Dental about making your teeth look their best through teeth whitening near you. A bright, white smile will make a great impression on your friends and colleagues.

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