Having crooked teeth or bite misalignments usually calls for getting braces to correct these problems. However, many adults don’t want to wear braces because of the embarrassment they may feel wearing them. For minor to moderate issues, plastic aligners may be the best way to fix your smile.

Correcting Children’s and Adult Teeth

The majority of patients that get their teeth corrected are children or teenagers. Only about 27 percent of adults get their teeth orthodontically corrected, but that number is growing. Our dentists at Millway Dental will be able to tell right away if you or your child needs braces to repair their teeth.

Sometimes children will have speech impediments and trouble chewing food if their teeth are misaligned. Problem is severe. More minor problems may be gaps between teeth, protruding teeth, or their teeth don’t come together when they bite down.

If the misalignment isn’t severe, most children and adults may be able to get clear plastic aligners to correct the orthodontic issues. Unlike metal braces that patients must wear 24 hours a day, aligners only need to be in the patients’ mouths 20 to 22 hours a day. They can take them out to sleep, eat, or play sports.

Evaluating Teeth for Braces or Aligners

After evaluating your teeth, our dentists in Mississauga, ON, will discuss their recommended method for you or your child’s teeth. For severe misalignment issues, metal or ceramic braces may be recommended.

For milder problems, including gaps between teeth or open bites, our dentists may recommend clear aligners. Aligners work by applying steady pressure against your teeth when worn. The aligners, which come in sets, will gradually move your teeth into position. Each set is slightly straighter than the previous.

If you think you or your child needs braces or aligners to improve your teeth, make an appointment with our dentists near you. Our dentists can evaluate your smile and recommend a suitable orthodontic option. It’s never too late to get the smile of your dreams.

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