General Dentistry

Millway Dental offers a broad array of dental services in Mississauga, ON, to address different oral issues. Your oral health is integral to your overall health. Before any dental procedure or treatment, we first check your mouth and the internal structures, including the jawbone. This way, we can map out a treatment plan to deliver good results and resolve your dental problem.

Your Preferred General Dentist in Mississauga, ON

We have highly qualified staff and dental professionals to assess your dental problems and determine the best course of treatment. Our general dentistry procedures include:

Dental Exams and cleanings – We conduct routine exams to inspect your mouth for potential dental issues. During dental exams and cleaning, we also do prophylaxis cleaning to clear bacteria, plaque, and food leftovers from the teeth and gums.

Oral cancer screening – Our general dentist in Mississauga, ON, conducts screening for mouth cancer during routine visits or in separate appointments. Identifying cancer early on helps increase the odds of survival.

Emergency dentistry – We respond to your emergency dental problems, whether it is a knocked-out tooth, damaged fillings, tooth abscess, or severe toothache.

Cosmetic dentistry – We offer tooth bonding, veneers, dental implants, tooth fillings, inlays and onlays, teeth whitening, and dental crowns to help improve your smile’s look and functionality

Sealants – As part of our preventive dentistry procedure, sealants help prevent cavities. We apply them to provide cover against the damaging mouth acids.

Children’s dentistry We cater to the oral needs of your kids, including sealants application, cleanings, early dental assessment, as well as braces and Invisalign

TMJ treatment Issues with the temporomandibular joint cause immense pain. We address your TMJ disorder by providing custom-made oral appliances to reposition the jaw and ease the stress on the joint.

Endodontic – Our general dentistry near Toronto, ON offers root canal treatment when you have an infection that affects the pulp of the tooth.
Whether a simple procedure like a dental exam or a more complicated surgery like a dental implant placement, we have a qualified general dentist near you to take care of the procedure.

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