Although most people may think that dentists only do exams and clean teeth, they do far more extensive treatments when necessary. For instance, if you have a cavity that gets into the pulp of a tooth, our dentists in Mississauga, ON, can do a root canal treatment.

General Dentistry

Our general dentists at Millway Dental have the tools and training required to successfully perform root canals if necessary. However, they may refer you to an endodontist if you have a complicated case or if surgery is required. Sometimes the tips of the roots need removing to allow drainage from them.

If you need routine root canal therapy, our dentists near you can handle the procedure and restore your oral health.

Root Canal Procedures

The main reason it is critical to numb your tooth is to open it and remove the pulp. The pulp has nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues in it. After removing it, our dentists reshape the canals and packs the inside of the tooth with material before placing a temporary crown over the tooth. The dentist will then order a permanent crown and call you in when it arrives to fit it.

When doing root canals, our dentists may use sedation techniques to make sure you’re relaxed before numbing the tooth and the areas surrounding it. With other endodontic procedures, especially surgeries, general anesthesia is used to put patients under. Since most general dental clinics are not equipped to provide general anesthesia, patients will be referred to endodontic specialists for surgeries.

Call Millway Dental If you have symptoms that may indicate the need for a root canal, which includes:

  • Sensitivity to varying temperatures of foods or drinks
  • Swelling of gums
  • Persistent tooth pain
  • Pain while touching or biting down on a tooth

Think you may need endodontic treatment? Book an appointment today so that we can evaluate your teeth and determine if you need endodontic care in Mississauga, ON. Delaying necessary endodontic treatment can often cause further complications down the road. Our dentists can provide the care you need to restore your dental health.

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