Dental Crowns

Accidents that damage your teeth can happen at any time and leave you with severely fractured or cracked teeth. If you are in search of dental crowns in Mississauga, ON? Our dentists at Millway Dental provide affordable dental crowns and can save your teeth by placing them over them to restore their strength and function. Here’s some information you should know about getting a crown.

When Does a Dentist Place a Crown?

A crown can restore a tooth after injuring it or when it’s weak from disease. Our dentists in Mississauga, ON will often recommend a crown for the following reasons.

Tooth Decay

If you have a weak tooth from decay, a crown can help strengthen the tooth. Without it, teeth are vulnerable to cracking or breaking when you eat or speak. A crown will protect your tooth and give it strength so that you can keep eating the foods you love.

Teeth Wear

Chewing on non-food objects like pens, pencils, or plastic straws can gradually wear down tooth enamel. Also, if you grind your teeth during the night, this can wear it down faster. The wear and tear of the enamel can lead to teeth that crack or break. Instead of allowing the wear to continue, you should consult with our dentists near you about putting a crown over your tooth to protect it.

After Root Canals

The most common reason that people get crowns near you is that they’ve had root canals. When dentists do root canals, they often leave a large opening in the crown of the teeth. These openings can subject teeth to cracking, breaking or debris falling into them. Our dentists in Mississauga, ON will recommend teeth with crowns. Along with adding strength to a tooth, a crown can make your smile look as good as new.

Hide Flaws

A tooth that’s discolored or misshapen doesn’t inspire confidence when you smile. Our dentists may suggest a crown to improve your tooth’s appearance and to give it added strength. Along with giving you a better-looking smile, the crown can also protect the tooth from possible wear.

If you’re concerned about how your teeth appear or if some of them are weak due to decay or other flaws, see our dentists at Millway Dental. They can determine whether crowns are the best way to protect your teeth and improve your smile.

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