Dental Bridges

While some people don’t mind having a missing tooth, others hate how missing teeth can make them appear. Since it’s vital to replace missing teeth, our dentists in Mississauga, ON may advise some patients about getting a bridge to replace them. While they may recommend fixed dental bridges near you to patients missing teeth, they may suggest a removable bridge to others at Millway Dental.

Why are is a Dental Bridge Necessary?

When a tooth is missing or one is scheduled for extraction, you must replace it. Leaving a space next to healthy teeth can cause them to drift toward the space. Although the movement is gradual, your otherwise healthy teeth can start to tilt and become loose.

After our dentists near you place a bridge in your mouth, the other teeth will have support. One of our dentists may recommend a fixed bridge depending on how many teeth need replacing and their location.

Fixed Bridges

When our dentists examine your teeth, the missing one’s location will determine which type of bridge is necessary. Fixed dental bridges in Mississauga, ON are available in three varieties: traditional, cantilever, and implant-supported.

Traditional Bridge

When one or more teeth are missing side by side, then a traditional bridge is usually recommended by our dentists near you. The bridge consists of pontics, fake teeth that replace missing ones, and dental crowns on both sides of the bridge.

The crowns support the bridge and fit over healthy natural teeth on either side of the gap between the teeth. To fit the crowns over the teeth, our dentists prepare them by trimming them. The crowns will fit snugly, and the dentist will permanently attach the bridge to your teeth.

Cantilever Bridge

If only one tooth is available for support, then a cantilever bridge goes in place of the missing teeth. The cantilever is the same as a traditional bridge but only has support on one side instead of two.

Implant-Supported Bridge

An implant-supported bridge latches onto smaller dental implants embedded in your jaw. Since the implants need surgical placement, it can take several weeks to a few months for the jaw to heal. When the implants fuse to the jaw, the bridge snaps onto them.

If you’re missing teeth, consult with our dentists at Millway Dental about the type of bridges they recommend to repair your smile.

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