Natural Teeth Whitening: Fact Vs. Fiction

Natural Teeth Whitening: Fact Vs. Fiction

October 1, 2022

If you want to whiten your teeth, you might notice different methods promoted online or in the print media. The techniques promoted include oil pulling, charcoal-activated toothpaste and turmeric. It doesn’t come as a surprise that DIY teeth whitening treatments are popular because of their low prices instead of the results they deliver.

When the CDC (Canadian Dental Association) researched why people wanted to improve their smile most, the most typical response was having whiter teeth. Unfortunately, many people also have a mistaken belief that some natural ingredients in kitchens can also whiten teeth without causing any harm because they are healthy. Unfortunately, the optimal technique to keep your teeth appearing brighter and whiter is to follow your dentist’s instructions and maintain proper oral hygiene practices besides avoiding staining foods and drinks and preventing infections in the mouth that also results in tooth discoloration.

This article focuses on the facts of natural whitening vs. reality to make you understand why professional teeth whitening near me is a recommended option by the CDC despite the higher prices charged by dentists for the therapy. In addition, we look at how teeth-whitening myths defy reality and cause more harm to your teeth than any good.

The Facts of Teeth Whitening vs The Myths of DIY Ingredients

    Fiction: Having naturally acidic household staples like oranges, Apple cider vinegar, lemon, et cetera containing digestive enzymes besides pineapple and mango and including abrasive agents like baking soda helps make your teeth appear whiter and brighter.
    Fact: Fruits are an excellent choice when had as usual. Unfortunately, acids in fruits and vinegar put your pearly whites at risk when you extend their contact with your teeth or use the ingredients to scrub your teeth because acids can result in enamel erosion. Your tooth enamel is the hardened outer layer over every tooth, protecting you against tooth sensitivity, decay, and cavities.
    Fiction: Scrubbing your teeth with ingredients containing activated charcoal or baking soda and hydrogen peroxide paste brings a shine to your smile.
    Fact: No evidence proves that dental products containing activated charcoal are safe or effective in whitening your teeth, states research conducted in 2017 by reputed bodies. In addition, using abrasive materials on the teeth can make them appear yellow because when you look to whiten your teeth, you concentrate on the enamel with scrubs that are harsh on your teeth. In reality, you wear down the enamel to expose the soft dentin beneath having a yellowish appearance. Instead of adopting these techniques, you find it beneficial to use a whitening toothpaste authenticated by the CDC for optimal results. The authentication by the CDC informs you that the toothpaste is safe and effective and will not damage your teeth
    : Swishing coconut oil in the mouth (oil pulling) or using household spices like turmeric helps brighten your teeth.
    Fact: reliable scientific evidence isn’t available to confirm oil pulling or household turmeric helps whiten teeth. While the products are undoubtedly healthy, they are not ingredients for teeth whitening but are better used for healthy meals.

Does Natural Teeth Whitening Still Interest You?

If you want to keep your teeth appearing brighter and whiter, the optimal natural technique is your oral hygiene practice which must include brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time with authenticated toothpaste by the Canadian dental Association. Cleaning between your teeth once using dental floss or an interdental toothbrush also helps.

Besides the above, you must limit staining foods and beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, pasta sauces, tomato sauces, etc and quit smoking if you smoke. Regular visits to dentists are also essential for exams and cleanings.

If you are dissatisfied with your smile despite pursuing the natural techniques suggested above and want to try teeth whitening remedies, consider discussing the products you choose with your dentist, who is the optimal professional to provide advice on DIY teeth whitening techniques.

Alternatively, if you want to brighten your teeth instantly, teeth whitening in Mississauga, ON, provides professionally supervised whitening treatments by a dentist giving you whiter and brighter teeth in one ninety-minute appointment, including a dental cleaning. The whitening treatment from the dentist dispels any myths of teeth whitening spread by the promoters of DIY techniques to whiten teeth with no scientific evidence.

Getting your teeth whitened professionally from a provider like Millway Dental is the optimal option for having brighter teeth than using techniques causing more harm than good to your pearly whites. If you desire brighter teeth, please schedule a meeting with our dentist at this practice to achieve your goal.