Can Veneers Be Removed and Replaced?

Can Veneers Be Removed and Replaced?

January 1, 2022

Dental veneers are an incredible choice to fix minor cosmetic problems in your mouth, giving you straighter and whiter teeth. With regular care, composite veneers can keep going for over 10 years. But injury and oral health problems create the need to replace them.

So, when you decide to have dental veneers from a dentist near you, you should be prepared for the possibility that they will require replacing. For example, if an individual chooses to get 8 veneers at 21 years old, then veneers should be replaced at 36 years old.

Why Do We Need to Remove a Dental Veneer?

It’s impossible to eliminate the veneer from the tooth surface because it is of premium quality and placed by an expert dentist. Below are reasons why your veneers need to be removed or replaced:

1. Crack/Damages

Although veneers made of porcelain material are durable, they are also vulnerable like your natural teeth. Therefore, they may crack when being exposed to stress from an injury or biting on hard objects. So, the veneer should be replaced to secure the tooth underneath.

2. Decay or Damage to the Hidden Tooth

Veneers just mask the front side of the teeth, which implies that the uncovered regions are prone to damage. For this situation, the veneer should be taken off to fix the tooth.

3. Loose Veneer

With time, the dental concrete used to hold the veneer to the teeth might weaken, making the veneers lose. It allows microorganisms and plaque to accumulate behind them. The professional dentist at Millway Dental effectively removes the veneer to prevent harm or decay to the teeth.

4. Stains

Although porcelain veneers are stain-resistant, natural teeth surrounding them can get stained. Since veneers can’t be whitened, brightening the original teeth might cause more differentiation and isn’t advisable. The best tip that the dental experts advise is veneer replacement to get a uniform tooth color.

Teeth After Veneers Removed

Suppose you need to put veneers on your teeth, then at that point, you realize that they need removal. But what will happen to the teeth after removing veneers? Well, during the removal of the lumineers, the tooth layer will smile a little more.

The dental professional removes the old porcelain veneers using special dental devices and a magnifying instrument. After that, again you will need to go through the methodology for adding the veneers in your mouth without any preparation.

Can Veneers Be Replaced?

The great news is that dental veneers can be removed and replaced. The veneer replacement technique is similar to putting new ones. If there is no extreme damage to your tooth, placing another veneer will just take two visits to finish.

1. Removing the Old Veneers

While removing the old veneers, your dentist will ensure that the old veneer won’t damage the real teeth under it.

2. Prepare the Tooth

Then, your dental specialist will set up the tooth effectively by applying a special dental glue.

3. Bite Registration

A bite registration creates an impression of the upper and lower teeth of the patient in the bite position to ensure the manufacturing and fitting of the veneer are appropriate. This will further ensure that the veneer won’t wear out from inaccurate biting habits and work much like a natural tooth.

4. Apply Temporary Veneers 

Utilizing a wax impression, you will get a temporary veneer. You need to wear it while your permanent porcelain veneer is made.

5. Bonding

Next, after your veneer manufacturing is done, the dentist will bond the porcelain veneer to your tooth to give the patient a beautiful smile. This will help him/her get his lost confidence back in no time. But remember, veneer replacements are unavoidable.

Sticking to preventive measures suggested by the reputed dental care near Mississauga, ON, you maintain your veneers helps you wear them proudly for years to come.

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